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Reg King - Looking For A Dream

Reg King - Looking For A Dream - 2012

After re-releasing the official “Reg King” album and “Missing in Action” E.P., several years ago, Circle Records had every intention of releasing another complete album of the former Action vocalist’s original material soon afterwards. However, time passes and things often don’t go as planned: It was only by late 2010 that all official permissions were granted, and a further six months before restoration and editing was complete.

Recorded between Reggie leaving The Action in 1968 and the end of 1969, these songs feature his former bandmates throughout (still trading as The Action without him). With just one exception, the tracks are full-band, not just ‘acoustic sketches’ as many demo. recordings are. Aside from three tracks rescued from unlikely tape sources and an acetate, the majority are in perfect ‘finished master’ quality. For some reason, all of this material was left aside when the time came for Reggie’s 1971 album. In comparison, they are brighter and more uplifting than that record, not hampered by a similar busy / heavy production. The music ranges from the soulful pop of his Action days, shows influences of jazz and just hints at the ‘progressions’ yet to come. Nothing is overlong and all tracks show just what a tremendous songwriter the man was. This record bridge’s the gap between The Action’s “Rolled Gold” and Mr. King’s ‘official’ solo record perfectly. If it had been released as a last Action record, or as a ‘first’ solo album, maybe Reggie’s career and our and respect for him would have been even bigger. 

01. Get Up, Get Away
02. Let Me See Some Love In Your Eyes
03. You Gotta Believe Me
04. All Up To Heaven
05. So Full Of Love
06. Merry Go Round
07. Suddenly
08. Picking Up Nancy's Grin
09. In And Out
10. Put Something Together
11. Live Forever
12. Magenta
13. Thinkin' About Getting Out
14. They Must Be Talking About Me
15. You'll Be Around

Reg King - Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Martin Stone – Acoustic, Lead Guitar
Mike Evans - Bass
Roger Powell - Drums
Ian Whiteman - Hammond, Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Kevin Westlake- Piano, Guitar, Percussion
Nick Jones - Congas


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The Lachy Doley Group - Live At Blues On Broadbeach 2016

The Lachy Doley Group - Live At Blues On Broadbeach 2016 - 2017

Lachy Doley is an outfit from the land Down Under, Australia. A hi-energy, howling band with a dynamic power and performance. Ever popular festival as an act in their native homeland, this release captures the essence of the band’s live performance with a roaring, rattling and raucous rip-tide of self-composed live blues, always with a driving, pushing electric base.

Tracks are powered by searing electric guitar at times, followed by some top-dollar harp work and B3 keys that simply roar along. Doley’s own vocals are always centre-stage, strong and powerful. The band itself clearly draws on the modern Chicago blues tradition for fundamental inspiration at times and never loses sight of the southern-blues edge, with a deliberate down and dirty feel that seeps out of many of the fifteen tracks on offer here.

This is music best played loud. Indeed, it’s hard to see how it could be played any other way. And, for me at any rate, this poses a minor problem. The music tends to merge, track on track, until much of it has a just too much of a similar, samey sound and quality. It can be difficult to distil live performance into a recording, and much is inevitably missed or lost in the process. I’ve no doubt at all that The Lachy Doley Group is a quality live festival act, a band of journeymen giggers who know exactly what they’re about, what sound they want and need, and achieve it easily. Sadly, for me, it all becomes just too overwhelming with this release.

01. Conviction
02. Use Me
03. Talk 1
04. Make It Up
05. Talk 2
06. Jealous Guy
07. Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give A Damn
08. If Looks Could Kill
09. Betcha I’ll Getcha
10. Talk 3
11. Stop Listening To The Blues
12. Two Leslies Are Better Than One
13. Lazy
14. Talk 4
15. Still In Love

Lachy Doley - 1957 Hammond, C3 Organ, Whammy Clavinet, Vocals
Jan Bangma - Bass
Jackie Barnes - Drums


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Mike Gibbins - Archeology (re-re-post)

Mike Gibbins - Archeology - 2002

By Jason Ankeny & Bruce Eder from AMG

Mike Gibbins spent a decade, from 1965 through 1975, as the drummer for the Iveys and their better-known successor group, Badfinger - that alone made him one of the more visible musicians to emerge from what might be called the British Invasion's "third wave," out of the orbit of the Beatles' Apple Records. He was one of two members of the group left behind following a pair of tragic suicides, and he led reorganized versions of "Badfinger" into the 1980s and beyond, often in competition with fellow surviving member Joey Molland. Born Michael George Gibbins in Swansea, Wales, in 1949, he grew up in a crowded household that included six older sisters - he later claimed he took up drumming just so he could be heard. Actually, he was a natural drummer, responding to rhythms and generating them on anything that came into his hands, enough so that his father got him his first drum kit when Mike was 14. He passed through various local groups, including the Planets, the Club Four, and the Misfits, over the next few years. 

Read More HERE

01. Heavy Weather (Gibbins)
02. To The River (Gibbins)
03. Listen To Me (Gibbins)
04. Sad The Clown (Gibbins)
05. Dead Ratz (Warsing/Chapman/Gibbins)
06. The Golden One (Gibbins)
07. Dream Harder (Gibbins)
08. Love Is Lookin' Over Me (Gibbins)

Mike Gibbins - Vocals, Drums, Piano
Paul Chapman - Guitar (5, 7)
Rick Warsing - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Rick Weidley - Electric Violin (1, 3)
Ron Griffiths - Lead Vocal (4)


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Mike Gibbins - In The Meantime

Mike Gibbins - In The Meantime - 2003

Michael George Gibbins (12 March 1949 – 4 October 2005) was born in Swansea, Wales. He began playing drum when he was fourteen. He played in local Swansea bands The Planet, The Club Four, and The Misfits before joining The Iveys in 1965 at the age of 16. A year later, The Iveys had moved to London and were touring the U.K. with David Garrick. Garrick had just had a hit with his cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Lady Jane” and needed a touring band and The Iveys got the gig. Another year later and The Iveys were the first artist signed to The Beatles Apple Records. By the end of the decade, The Iveys had become Badfinger.

Mike would quit Badfinger twice due to personalty conflicts with Tommy Evans. Badfinger had to replace Mike with Rob Stawinsky from the band Sky for one U.S. tour. Mike returned to Wales and recorded some solo demos in 1972 before being coaxed back to Badfinger.

After Pete Ham’s suicide in 1974, Mike returned to Wales and the Swansea music scene. In 1976, he joined Martin Ace’s band The Flying Aces and toured the U.K. In 1977, Mike would play drums for Bonnie Tyler’s hit song and album “It’s a Heartache”. Tyler and her band, including Mike, would tour the U.K. and Europe. Other sessions would follow for acts such as Digby Richards and David Tipton until Joey Molland and Tommy Evans called and asked him if he wanted to fly out to California and take over the drum responsibilities for the reformed Badfinger. As soon as Mike arrived he was thrown into the studio. The band was already behind in studio time due to delays with the previous drummer. Mike immediately butted heads with producer David Malloy and after a couple of days he was dismissed.

In the early 1980s, Mike would relocate to Michigan. He took part in a couple of Badfinger tours with Tommy Evans, including a disastrous episode where the band was stranded in Milwaukee for two months. In 1984, he did a Badfinger tour with Joey Molland. In 1986, Mike and Joey put together a new Badfinger band. Mike would tour off and on with this Badfinger band until 1990 when he would retire from touring.

In the mid 1980s, Mike would move to Florida; longing for warmth and sunshine. Mike was fairly inactive musically in the early ’90s. By the mid ’90s, Mike had a home studio built and had became acquainted with Rick Warsing, a guitarist who used to be a member of the touring version of The Archies. Mike and Rick would record Mike’s fist solo album, A Place In Time, which was released on Forbidden Records in 1997. Mike would follow up that album with several independently released discs; More Annoying Songs in 2000, Archeology in 2002, and In The Meantime in 2003.

On October 4 2005, Mike passed away in his sleep from a brain aneurysm. He was survived by wife Ellie and their sons Adam and David and son Owen from his first wife Gaynor.

01. In The Meantime
02. Band of Hope
03. Guillotine
04. Lean On Me
05. Tonite
06. Toadstool (Drum Solo)
07. Grace Under Fire
08. Heaven Knows
09. Come And Get It
10. Beat You On The Draw


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Jason & The Scorchers - Halcyon Times

Jason & The Scorchers - Halcyon Times - 2010

from vintageguitar

It’s an unlikely story that cow-punk pioneers Jason and the Scorchers would be releasing an album in 2010. It’s even more unlikely, so early in the year, to say it may end up being one of the year’s best records.

Original members Jason Ringenberg and Warner E. Hodges are the lynchpins for the great music on Halcyon Times. Joined by Pontus Snibb on drums and Al Collins on bass, along with numerous friends including ex-Georgia Satellite Dan Baird (on acoustic guitar and vocals), they give JATS fans a healthy dose of the stuff they have long loved about the band, including scorching lead guitar from Hodges. From the first track, “Moonshine Boy/Releasing Celtic Prisoners,” it’s evident that no prisoners will be taken in this stomper with frantic guitar that toes the line between rock and country and has a funny biographical lyric.

Hodges’ strengths as a guitarist are many. He manages to stay completely in control even while his solos sound set to careen. If a song calls for an unearthly country bend, it’s there. If a soaring melodic solo is in order, it appears. If chugging, Keith Richards-style rhythms are needed (as on “Deep Holy Water”) it carries the song. While the rhythm guitar forms the basis for that song, his short solo is an amazing mix of single lines, country bends, banjo rolls, and everything-in-between that manages to encapsulate a lot of what his playing is about.

Singer/guitarist Ringenberg is, of course, the voice of the band. His vocals, while every-man in nature, are as distinctive as the band’s sound. He wraps himself around lyrics about working-class problems to the intricacies of the music industry and can cover whatever style the band adopts, including the frenetic mix of country and rock JATS is often credited with helping create, or a simple country-folk tune. There’s no mistaking who’s singing the song.

01. Moonshine Guy / Releasing Celtic Prisoners    
02. Beat On The Mountain    
03. Mona Lee    
04. Fear Not Gear Rot    
05. Mother Of Greed    
06. Getting Nowhere Fast    
07. Land Of The Free    
08. Golden Days    
09. Deep Holy Water    
10. Twang Town Blues    
11. Days Of Wine And Roses    
12. Better Than This    
13. When Did It Get So Easy (To Lie To Me)    
14. We've Got It Goin' On


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Velvert Turner Group - Velvert Turner Group

Velvert Turner Group - Velvert Turner Group - 1972

Born on October 12, 1951 and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Turner befriended Hendrix during the mid- to late '60s — and Turner would show what Hendrix was teaching him to another guitarist friend of his, future Television member Richard Lloyd. After Hendrix's passing, Turner formed the Velvert Turner Group, with bassist Prescott Niles, keyboardist Christopher Robinson, and drummer Tim McGovern, and in 1972, issued a self-titled debut album. Highly derivative of his mentor — both musically and even in the song titles, as evidenced by "Madonna (Of the Seven Moons)," "'Xcuse Me, Gentlemen (The Fall of Atlantis)," and "(Love Rides)...

The Slowly Swirling Seas." Heck, there was even a cover of a Hendrix tune, "Freedom," that closed the album. Although the album didn't set the charts alight, it has become a sought-after cult item amongst Hendrix fanatics over the years.

And that was all that many heard from Velvert, although he did appear on a self-titled release by Arthur Lee in 1977, and in the mid-'80s, was involved in a Jimi Hendrix instructional guitar video, which strangely, only featured Turner narrating it and not showing the viewer the tricks of the trade that Hendrix had taught him (the guitar parts are played by Andy Aledort). Subsequently, the other members of the Velvert Turner Group would reappear in the Knack (Niles), the Motels (McGovern), and the New York Dolls (Robinson).

Sadly, on December 11, 2000, it was reported in the New York Times that Turner had passed away at his Brooklyn home. In the article, fans learned that in recent years Turner had been employed by Samaritan Village in Brooklyn, where he worked with those battling substance addiction. Four years after his passing, a snippet of Turner playing some Hendrixian guitar, titled "Going Home," was included on the star-studded tribute, Power of Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. In 2009, Turner's old friend, Lloyd, recorded an album of Hendrix covers, titled The Jamie Neverts Story, whose title came from a code name that Turner and Lloyd used for Hendrix, when they would go visit him (to keep their visits "secret" from kids in the neighborhood). The album was also dedicated to Turner, and features altered album covert art based on Turner's Velvert Turner Group from over three decades prior.

01. Madonna (Of The Seven Moons)
02. Talkin' 'Bout My Baby
03. Country Chicken
04. Strangely Neww
05. Scarlet Warrior
06. Three O'clock Train
07. Just Look And See
08. 'xcuse Me, Gentlemen (Fall Of Atlantis)
09. (Love Rides...) The Slow Swirling Seas
10. Freedom


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Gordon Haskell - All in the Scheme of Things

Gordon Haskell - All in the Scheme of Things - 2000

Gordon Haskell is usually thought of as a footnote in the history of King Crimson -- the only lead singer in the group's long list of personnel who never played a single live date with the band, though he was with them long enough to cut most of an album (Lizard) and get one performance ("Cadence and Cascade") onto its predecessor. Otherwise, he's been an enigma even to many Crimson fans.

Haskell's history with Robert Fripp goes back to the days they spent together in the mid-'60s as members of the League of Gentlemen, a band that backed various American R&B stars on tour and cut a couple of singles. Haskell was also a member of a Liverpool band called the Quotations, formed by ex-Big Three bassist Johnny Gustafson (before he joined the Merseybeats), who recorded for English Decca ("Alright Baby" b/w "Love You All Over Again") in 1964. His main group affiliation for most of the mid-'60s was the Fleur de Lys, a somewhat lightweight psychedelic band who recorded at least once under the pseudonym of Shyster. Haskell passed through the lineups of Rupert's People and Cupid's Inspiration, and, as a member of the Fleur de Lys, also played on records by Bill Kimber, John Bromley, Sharon Tandy, and Terry Durham. By the end of the '60s, he was a solo act, trying to establish himself as a singer/songwriter, and released a pair of singles in 1969 and 1970, "Boat Trip" and "Oh-La-Di-Doo-Da-Day," and one LP, Sail in My Boat, all for British CBS.

In 1970, as his former League of Gentlemen bandmate Robert Fripp was struggling to keep his current group, King Crimson, viable in some form and complete a second album, Haskell joined the band as successor to bassist/singer Greg Lake, who was leaving the lineup to join Emerson, Lake & Palmer. After singing on one song for that album, In the Wake of Poseidon, he joined a new Crimson lineup and recorded most of the next album, Lizard. As was often the case with Crimson lineups in those days, however, Haskell didn't last -- he and other members of the core band had left by the time Lizard was completed and released late in 1970, and he never worked live with the band.

Haskell cut a solo album, It Is and It Isn't, during 1973, and worked with such artists as Tim Hardin, Alvin Lee, and Van Morrison. His solo work tends to be in a folk-like, singer/songwriter vein, reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot with something of a progressive rock edge and more humor, some of it very sardonic. Based in southern England at the end of the '90s, he concertized regularly in the Hampshire and Dorset areas, and he continued his recording career into the '90s with his albums Butterfly in China and Hambledon Hill. In 1993, he also teamed up with Mike Wedgewood (ex-Curved Air and Caravan) to tour Scandinavia. In the late '90s, Voiceprint Records' Blueprint label reissued Haskell's solo albums of the '60s and '70s on compact disc. The massively popular "How Beautiful You Are" hit British airwaves in the winter of 2001, announcing Haskell's comeback to music. Harry's Bar followed the next year, fully bringing him back into the public spotlight after years of inactivity. He later moved to a Greek island and proclaimed himself to be Greek, releasing the 2010 album One Day Soon under his newly adopted moniker of Gordon Haskell Hionides. ~

01. The Scheme Of Things
02. Playing Xylophone
03. California On His Mind
04. There Goes My Heart Again
05. You Can't Hold A Good Man Down
06. Surprising What Some People Will Do
07. Sunshine In The Night
08. Tortured Heart
09. Country Gold
10. Roll With It


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Tom Rapp - Sunforest

Tom Rapp - Sunforest - 1973

Sunforest was the ninth album recorded by American singer-songwriter Tom Rapp (either with or without his group Pearls Before Swine), his second for Blue Thumb Records, and his final record before his lengthy retirement from the music industry after the mid-1970s.

Sunforest was released in 1973 and was credited to "Tom Rapp / Pearls Before Swine". Like its immediate predecessor, Stardancer, the album was recorded with members of the touring group Pearls Before Swine (Art Ellis and Bill Rollins), supplemented by a selection of prominent Nashville session musicians.

01. Comin' Back
02. Prayers Of Action
03. Forbidden City
04. Love / Sex
05. Harding Street
06. Blind River
07. Someplace To Belong
08. Sunforest
09. Sunshine & Charles


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Hollywood Monsters - Capture The Sun

Hollywood Monsters - Capture The Sun - 2016

by David Randall from Getreadytorock
French multi-instrumentalist Steph Honde released a debut album in 2014 with Paul D’ianno and Vinny Appice in the ranks and ‘Capture The Sun’ continues the tradition.  Albums that feature a roster of name artists – legends if you will – brought together by a single musician rise and fall by the strength of the material.  And unfortunately no amount of talent can cover up the lack of killer tunes on his latest offering.  The same applied to that debut.

The album might be of only passing interest to fans of the participating artists, so if you like Vinny Appice, Tracy G and Neil Murray investigate one track, ‘Evilution’.  Elsewhere it’s clear that Honde takes a cue from the Coverdale school of crooning (‘Waiting’) although in truth at the end he over-extends himself.  The track ‘Another Day In Grey Part II’ is as drab as the title.

Honde makes a play for widescreen acceptance with the spoken word effects on the instrumental ‘Don’t Let It Happen’ but Pink Floyd it ain’t.  Jenny Haan (Babe Ruth)  crops up on the title track but regrettably it is a duet with Honde.  And perhaps inevitably – with a paucity of decent material – Honde falls back on two covers: the eight-minute Bowie’s Sweet Thing/Candidate and a bonus knees-up of ‘Fool For Your Loving’.

You wonder what bigger name artists gain from these collaborations.  For Honde, he may think he benefits from other-wordly associations.  But for the rest of us more grounded individuals, the words turgid and dire spring to mind. 

01. Mysteries Of Life
02. Evilution
03. Always Crashing The Same Car
04. It’s A Lie
05. Waiting
06. Don’t Let It Happen
07. Another Day In Grey Part II
08. Everything Is Going To Be Alright
09. Dreams
10. King For A Day
11. Capture The Sun
12. Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise)
13. Fool For Your Loving (BONUS TRACK)


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Tim Bogert - Progressions (re-re-post)

Tim Bogert - Progressions - 1981

John Voorhis "Tim" Bogert III (born August 27, 1944 New York City) is an American musician. He graduated from Ridgefield Memorial High School in his hometown in 1963. As a bass guitarist and vocalist he is best known for his bass solos. He is a frequent collaborator with drummer Carmine Appice; the duo appeared in such bands as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice. Progressions is his first album solo, recorded in 1981.

01. Hold on to Her
02. Try to See It My Way
03. Make No Mistake
04. Love Is Ready
05. Friend of Mine
06. Take It or Leave It
07. Little White Lies
08. Caught in Her Flame
09. Fast Life
10. Blind Love

Tim Bogert - Bass, Vocal
Jay Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Platshon - Drums
Peter Schless - Keyboards
Bill Andersen, Curtis Tilton, Sue Richman & Andrea Robinson - Add Vocals


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Tim Bogert - Master´s Brew (re-re-post)

Tim Bogert - Master´s Brew  - 1983

John Voorhis "Tim" Bogert III (born August 27, 1944 New York City) is an American musician. He graduated from Ridgefield Memorial High School in his hometown in 1963. As a bass guitarist and vocalist he is best known for his bass solos. He is a frequent collaborator with drummer Carmine Appice; the duo appeared in such bands as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice. Master Brew his second album recorded in 1983.

01. Let Him Know
02. Devotion
03. Don`t Leave Me This Way
04. Slow Dancing
05. Trouble

Tim Bogert - Bass, Vocals
Rick Derringer, A. Havlenen - Guitar
Brian Auger - Organ
Carmine Appice - Drums
David Platshon - Piano, Drums
Mark Stein, Dick St Nicklaus - Vocals (Background)
Jay Williams - Guitar
Paul Kingery - Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Peter Schless - Synthesizer, Keyboards

+ @192

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Mark Bogert - A Story In Parts

Mark Bogert - A Story In Parts - 2014

Mark Bogert born on November 8 1983. At the age of seven he got in touch with music, though this was not the guitar yet. Mark started playing the trumpet first. Aged twelve he discovered the guitar. From that moment on the guitar became a part of Mark’s life.
Besides playing the guitar, composing and arranging have played an important role in Mark’s development. He has written compositions and arrangements for various line-ups and regularly travels through Europe to teach and to conduct clinics and workshops.
Mark studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) and during this time played in different bands the most important of which was “Penny’s Twisted Flavour”. Furthermore he played with “Mythlorian” at Wacke Open Air, and played guest solos on the two albums by “Lord Volture” entitled “Beast of thunder” and “Never cri wolf”. Beside Mark’s band activities he also performs as a session musician, and has made a lot of guitar recordings for and with various bands, projects and events.

01. The Beginning
02. Confusion
03. Short Feelings Of Happiness
04. Flying Flowers
05. P.A.M.
06. High Up In The Sky
07. Breaking Down
08. The Only Truth
09. Days Ago
10. A Never Ending Story
11. Forgot The Tail


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Sam Moore - Overnight Sensational - (Re-Re-Post)

Sam Moore - Overnight Sensational - 2006

The lead voice of Stax Records' powerhouse soul duo Sam and Dave returns to reclaim his legacy here with a collection of familiar r&b catalog choices framed by slick, decidedly contemporary productions. If the project's crowded supporting cast -- Springsteen, Clapton, Wynonna, Sting, Bon Jovi, Winwood, Paul Rodgers, Mariah Carey, Vince Gill and Billy Gibbons among the most notable -- sometimes makes Moore seem like a guest on his own album, their admittedly marketing-driven presence nonetheless helps showcase a seminal soul artist for an American Idol-smitten generation that seems to have taken him for granted (hardly a surprise that project producer Randy Jackson is best known as an AI judge).

Yet Moore's gritty, expressive voice can't be denied on the best of it, whether on the simmering gospel fervor of the Wynonna/Bekka Bramlett/Bebe Winans-seasoned "I Can't Stand the Rain," the bluesy shuffle of "Better To Have and Not Need" with Springsteen joining in the chorus or a soulful "None of Us Are Free" featuring Sting. But, as Fantasia's turn on the unfortunate "Blame It On the Rain" argues, it's also an album whose tracks often frustratingly rise or fall in proportion to the contributions of its guests; less would definitely mean Moore here.

01. I Can't Stand The Rain - with Wynonna, BeBe Winans & Billy Preston
02. Better To Have And Not Need - with Bruce Springsteen
03. Blame It On The Rain - with Fantasia
04. Lookin' For A Love - with Jon Bon Jovi
05. Ain't No Love - with Steve Winwood
06. None Of Us Are Free - with Sting & Sheila E.
07. It's Only Make Believe - with Mariah Carey & Vince Gill
08. Don't Play That Song - with Bekka Bramlett
09. If I Had No Loot - with Van Hunt, Nikka Costa & Billy F. Gibbons
10. Riding Thumb - with Travis Tritt & Robert Randolph
11. We Shall Be Free - with Paul Rodgers
12. You Are So Beautiful - with Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Zucchero & Robert Randolph


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Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song

Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song - 2017

from AMG
When Dan Auerbach released his debut solo album Keep It Hid in 2009, the Black Keys were on the verge of superstardom; so his solo album was a busman's holiday, not the start of a career. Waiting on a Song, its 2017 sequel, arrives in the midst of an extended hiatus from the Black Keys, who took a breather after a run of blockbusters that coincided with Auerbach establishing himself as a producer of note.

On these extracurricular projects, Auerbach broadened his sonic palette, working with everybody from Americana stalwart Ray LaMontagne to post-modern noir diva Lana Del Rey, and he brings this new bag of tricks to Waiting on a Song. Having more in common with the groovy classic soul moves of his 2015 side project the Arcs than the heavy-footed stomp of the Black Keys, Waiting on a Song's heart lies in the glimmering productions of Jeff Lynne in the late '80s. "Shine on Me" glistens like an outtake from the Traveling Wilburys, and it's not an isolated incident. Auerbach keeps circling back to this bright, cheerful sound, accentuating it with elements of Memphis soul and an undercurrent of classically constructed Americana. 

The title Waiting on a Song hints at such craftsmanship, and it was co-written by John Prine and Pat McLaughlin, whose presence suggests that Auerbach is adding "singer/songwriter" to his impressive résumé. The thing about this album is, it shows the power of craft across the board: Auerbach's become a vivid, imaginative producer and now he's writing songs to match. 

01. Waiting on a Song
02. Malibu Man
03. Livin’ in Sin
04. Shine on Me
05. King of a One Horse Town
06. Never in My Wildest Dreams
07. Cherrybomb
08. Stand by My Girl
09. Undertow
10. Show Me


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Charlie Hart - Grooves Roots

Charlie Hart - Grooves Roots - 2008

In 2008 the Austrian label, FRW released Charlie's first-ever solo album. The album features Charlie's writing and playing over the years, as well as performances by numerous musicians, listed below.

Grooves and Roots starts with some recently recorded 'zydo-funk' tracks (a type of drum 'n bass) and progresses on to songs and instrumentals written in the seventies and eighties, notably OK Roland (written with Ian Dury) and the instrumental Software Breakdown (recorded by Juice on the Loose).
The album finishes off with some infectious African grooves and Walter Wagenleithner's remix of 'Don't fix it', which also features Ulrike Kuehlwein (Mama Oliver) on vocals.

FRW are a strong independent Austrian label, who also organize the Undisputed Peace Festivals across Europe. These festivals provide a platform for a wide spread of musical genres and bring together local and Austrian bands.

The album was launched at the Reigen Club Vienna on March 1st 2008, during tenth Undisputed Peace Festival. As special guest Charlie enjoyed performing live on stage with Original Suntouchers and also performed Don't Fix it! live with the Loop Doctors and Mama Oliver (vocals).

Grooves & Roots is described by Roland Schmitt as 'a really exciting cross-section of Charlie's work as musician and composer'.

01. Don’t Fix it
02. Takes Two
03. Stretching Time
04. Barumbabarumba
05. Stitch One
06. OK Roland
07. Software Breakdown
08. Time is The Healer
09. Big Top
10. C’est Ca
11. Snatch it
12. Don’t Go
13. Aftermath
14. Spirit World
15. Don’t Fix it


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VA - Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans

VA - Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans - 2004
from allaboutjazz.com
Shout Factory's four-CD box set Doctors, Professors, King and Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans represents a perfect storm when it comes to reissues. This box set is musically exciting, a complete representation of its subject matter, and just plain fun to listen. Not only that, it fulfills a vacuum in the market, because until this collection, one would think that there hasn't been any new recording of music in New Orleans since the Meters in the early 1970's. In fact, New Orleans has been just as vibrant, diverse and productive during each and every era of recording from 1923-2004 and this collection proves it!

The collection takes a major risk that pays off, of not thematically organizing each of the four compact discs in this collection. Not bowing to the obvious track order solution of chronological order or by genre, the set weaves effortlessly from track to track without any other theme than great performance after great performance. Some ebb and flow exists between the more traditional to the more up- tempo, but it works and works brilliantly.

The package includes eighty-five recordings and a top of the line eighty-plus page book that includes beautiful photographs and insightful essay about the city and each artist and their recordings and what we at the Vault love the most detailed liner notes and credits. The Vault appreciates when we know who each instrumentalist is, the producer, engineer, studio and city, the date of the recording, the original record it was released on and the original recording company. It is this attention to detail that makes a good boxset an excellent boxset.

The set kicks off with current New Orleans jazz ambassador and great chef, Kermit Ruffins informing us of his wish "Drop Me Off in New Orleans." From there the set visits recordings from different era and styles.

The first category of artists included comes from those that helped define dawn of the recording industry and jazz. Included are some of New Orleans favorite sons, Louis Armstrong (with the Hot Seven on "Potato Head Blues" and with his Dixieland Seven on the final track "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?"), Jellyroll Morton, Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feet Warmers and Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band. All four and their various sidemen brought the sounds of the Crescent City out for the rest of the world to hear, appreciate and emulate.

The next major era represented comes from the independent record label explosion in the late 1940's and 1950's when New Orleans was a hot bed for so much recording, especially in the fields of Rhythm and Blues, Blues and Rock and Roll. This is where a tremendous breadth of styles and artists are well documented (from jazz to R&B, from Cajun to rock and roll) in this collection. Artists with some major national hits included are Fats Domino, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Ernie K-Doe, Huey "Piano" Smith, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Al Johnson, Frankie Ford, Chris Kenner, Little Richard, Eddie Bo, and Lloyd Price. Here the boxset focuses on these artists' big hits, except for Little Richard (who while not from New Orleans, developed his career and recorded his major hits within the city limits), whose "Rip It Up" represent his New Orleans feel better than perhaps "Tutti Frutti" or "Good Golly, Miss Molly." Other artists of this era include The Hawketts, George Lewis' Ragtime Band, Shirley & Lee, Smiley Lewis and Benny Spellman.

Another set of artists and their recordings are culminated from the timeless performers that are not defined by hits, eras or genres that are/were the cornerstone of the Crescent City. The types of performers that as soon as you hear their name, images of the sites, sounds and smells (you can almost smell the jambalaya or pot of crawfish boiling) of the Big Easy come to mind. This category includes Professor Longhair, James Booker, Dr. John, Allan Toussaint, Kermit Ruffins, Rebirth Brass Band, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Meters, Irma Thomas, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, The Neville Brothers, Dave Bartholomew, The Wild Magnolias, Ellis Marsalis and Pete Fountain.

Also well represented here are today's lifeblood of the New Orleans scene that meld the funk and soul of yesteryear with the sounds from all over. These modern day New Orleans musical ambassadors include the super funky Galactic, Swedish roots rocker Anders Osborne, blues pianist all-star Marcia Ball, all star jam band The Radiators, jazz young lion James Andrews, brass band music for the new millennium from Coolbone, the soulful and excellent songwriting of Mem Shannon (probably the funniest song on the album, his take on the proliferation on our streets of SUV's) and the musical melting pot sounds of The New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars.

While not hailing from the city limits of New Orleans, this collection pays serious attention to the sounds that come from a two-hour trip west of New Orleans to Southwest Louisiana; Cajun and Zydeco music. Yes, the boxset revolves around the music that came from within the Big Easy, but there is no doubt that the music, culture and cuisine from Cajun and Creole country are as part of the fabric of New Orleans than anything else. Therefore including music from artists such as Clifton Chenier, Beausoleil, Lil Queenie, Boozoo Chavis, Geno Delafose, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers (with the great 'Give Him Cornbread'), Bruce Daigrepont and The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band completes the picture of the musical scene of New Orleans.

While I could spend time pointing out some artists that the Vault feels deserves placement in the collection (Ok, for fun, we'll throw in a few: Los Hombres Caliente, King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, the Subdudes, Better Than Ezra, Victoria Williams (whose recent record has a stellar version of "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?"), Rockin Sidney, Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band, Tab Benoit, Juvenile, The Balfa Brothers, Astral Project, Nicholas Payton, Amede Ardoin, and the list goes on and should include the "Swamp Pop" genre). The Vault could go on, but this just illustrates the point that there is so much great music and artists that call New Orleans home and to include them all would be a cumbersome twenty disc collection, which could lose the impact and flavor this boxset so excellently achieves.

The Vault cannot stress enough the great feel and class this collection has and the fact it encompasses so many styles, genres and eras and it flows so well from beginning to end - we have no higher praise. Maybe, the great folks at Shout Factory are just setting us up for an addendum release or a sequel; if that's the case bring them on, we love it!

Disc 1
01. Welcome to New Orleans - Galactic, Theryl DeClouet
02. Drop Me Off in New Orleans - Kermit Ruffins
03. I'm Walkin' - Fats Domino
04. Iko Iko - Dr. John
05. Potato Head Blues - Armstrong, Louis & His Hot Seven
06. My Darlin' New Orleans - Lil' Queenie, Percolators
07. Para Donde Vas (Where Are You Going) - Iguanas
08. Meet the Boyz on the Battlefront - Anders Osborne, Boudreaux, "Big Chief" Monk
09. Ain't Got No Home - Henry, Clarence "Frogman"
10. Feel Like Funkin' It Up - Rebirth Brass Band
11. Zydeco Gris-Gris - Beausoleil
12. Mother-In-Law - Ernie K-Doe
13. That's Enough of That Stuff - Marcia Ball
14. Confidential - Radiators
15. Hey Pocky A-Way - Meters
16. I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say Jelly Roll MOrton
17. Foot of Canal Street - Paul Sanchez
18. Down in Honky Tonk Town [live] - Vernel Bagneris
19. Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu - Huey "Piano" Smith
20. More Hipper - Jon Cleary
21. Release Me - Johnny Adams
22. Preachin' Blues - Bechet, Sidney & His New Orleans Feet Warmers
23. Jambalaya [live] - Clifton Chenier

Disc 2
01. Dog Days - Leigh Harris
02. No City Like New Orleans - Earl King
03. Salée Dames, Bon Jour - Don Vappie, Creole Jazz Serenaders
04. Marshall's Club - Balfa Toujours
05. You Can Have My Husband [live] - Irma Thomas
06. Go Go - Galactic
07. Not Too Eggy - New Oleans Klezmer All Stars
08. St. James Infirmary - Preservation Hall Jazz Band
09. Going Back to New Orleans - Moore, Deacon John
10. Hot Tamale Baby - Buckwheat Zydeco
11. Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy [live] - Neville Brothers
12. Poop Ain't Gotta Scuffle No More - James Andrews
13. Mardi Gras Mambo - Hawketts
14. Ice Cream - Lewis, George's Ragtime Band
15. No Doubt About It - J. Monque'd
16. Don't You Feel My Leg - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
17. Dog Hill - Boozoo Chavis
18. Au Bord de Lac Bijou - Zachary Richard
19. Mardi Gras in New Orleans - Tuba Fats' Chosen Few Brass Band

Disc 3
01. Shrimp and Gumbo - Dave Bartholomew
02. St. Phillip Street Breakdown - Michael White
03. Going Back to Louisiana - Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth"
04. Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville
05. The Saints - Coolbone
06. Canaille - Geno Delafose
07. Carnival Time - Al Johnson
08. La Negra Tomasa - Omar, Fredy Con Su Banda
09. Let the Good Times Roll - Shirley & Lee
10. The Broken Windmill - Tom McDermott
11. Way Down - Dupree, Champion Jack
12. Hallelujah [live] - Raymond Myles
13. I Hear You Knocking Smiley Lewis
14. La Crève de Faim (Starvation 2-Step) Steve Riley
15. Main Street Blues - Red Stick Ramblers
16. Sea Cruise - Frankie Ford
17. Tee-Nah-Nah [live] - Henry Butler
18. Smoke That Fire - New Birth Brass Band
19. Give Him Cornbread [live] - Beau Jocque
20. I Like It Like That - Chris Kenner
21. Classified [live] - James Booker
22. Southern Nights - Allen Toussaint

Disc 4
01. Tipitina - Professor Longhair
02. Party - Wild Magnolias
03. Dr. Jazz - Ellis Marsalis
04. Ooh Poo Pah Doo - Troy Andrews
05. South of I-10 - Sonny Landreth
06. Lipstick Traces (On a Cigarette) - Benny Spellman
07. The Right Key but the Wrong Keyhole [live] - Neville, Charmaine Band
08. Rip It Up - Little Richard
09. Royal Garden Blues - Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
10. Stoned, Drunk & Naked - Anders Osborne
11. Laissez Faire (Let It Be) - Bruce Daigrepont
12. Digga-Digga-Do [live] New Orleans - Jazz Vipers
13. Tailspin - Washington Walter "Wolfman"
14. Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price
15. Havin' Fun in New Orleans - Eddie Bo
16. King of the Mardi Gras - Tim Laughlin
17. Red Beans - Snooks Eaglin
18. S.U.V. - Mem Shannon, Membership
19. 'Tits Yeux Noirs (Little Black Eyes) - Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band
20. Lazy River [live] - Fountain, Pete & His Band
21. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? - Armstrong, Louis

 +@320 part 1/2
 +@320 part 2/2

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David Elliott - David Elliott (First Atlantic Records Album)

David Elliott - David Elliott (First Atlantic Records Album) - 1972

David Elliott, with two albums on Atlantic Records under his belt, has also had his original songs recorded by well known artists, such as Levon Helm (drummer/singer with 'The Band'), April Wine (established Canadian band that had a hit with David's song 'I'm On Fire For You Baby') and Mick Grabham (lead guitarist for Procol Harum).

David has toured with Gordon Lightfoot, Randy Newman, The Kinks, Roxy Music, King Crimson, and Jose Feliciano, to name a few. He has recorded with various well known artists such as Paul Kossoff, lead guitarist for the group 'Free'. He has also co-written songs with such legendary songwriters as Tim Hardin, of "If I Were a Carpenter' and 'Reason To Believe' fame.

David's first Atlantic Records album features a string of well known musicians such as Albert Lee, Nigel Olsson (Elton John's drummer), Dee Murray (Elton John's bass player), Mick Grabham (lead guitarist, Procol Harum), Rick Wills (bass player for Peter Frampton and Foreigner), and David Mattacks.

01. Kid's Stuff
02. If I Were You
03. Lover
04. The Love You Put On Yesterday
05. You Better Move
06. Dear Mary
07. Down To My Last Dime
08. The Invisible Man
09. The Rich Man's Love Story
10. Some
11. Open The Door


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David Elliott - All One (Re-Post)

David Elliott - All One - 2009 

There will always be the need for songwriters in the Rock genre and when looking through any artist's recorded catalogue you are likely to find a number of 'covers' by songwriters with unfamiliar names.  David Elliott has been busy writing and recording for many years with a variety of artists and he had two solo albums released in England on Atlantic Records in the 70's ('David Elliott' & 'Solid Ground').

David has numerous credits and co-credits to his name and some of the songs performed here have a certain notoriety. His composition of 'I'm On Fire For You Baby' was recorded by established Canadian band April Wine, who had a top ten hit with it, and it was recently placed in the movie ‘Trailer Park Boys’. Also Mick Grabham, one time lead guitarist with Procul Harum recorded it, and it is on his latest album 'Mick The Lad'.

While living in England during late 1974 David was involved in the late Paul Kossoff's  'Love Is The Lord' project.  Free had broken up and after Paul's initial solo album 'Back Street Crawler' in 1974 he was trying to put a new band together. David plays piano on 'You've Taken Hold Of Me' from these sessions, originally issued on the posthumous 'Koss' album on DJM Records in 1977, but featured here for the first time is the David Elliott original ‘AlI One' also recorded with Paul Kossoff during the same period.

All One features Paul Kossoff in one of his 'lost but found' recordings. This song is a must have for all Free Fans. Paul Kossoff provides all the thrills and licks we'd expect. It's release is very welcome as another piece in the jigsaw of what was happening during the lost period of broken bands and uncompleted albums. ANY new Kossoff is always welcome.

The majority of the tracks on his 'All One' CD were recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and utilize some fine musicians such as David Hood, a well known bass player who has played on many classic soul and rock hits, and Scott Boyer, a noted songwriter/guitarist. 

01. Little Miss Gone Again
02. Sneaky Suspicion
03. Mr. Right
04. All One 05. I Hold the Ace
06. I'm On Fire For You Baby
07. Break On Out and See Me           
08. Step Back See
09. If You Sell One Acre
10. I've Got a Bet With Myself


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VA - Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule, North Mississippi All-stars Duo and Friends - Another One For Woody

VA - Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule, North Mississippi All-stars Duo and Friends - Another One For Woody - 2010

An absolutely historical night of music.  A bitter-sweet night of music.  A magical combination of guitar-shredding artists who came together for the memory of one man. Allen Woody! This was a man whose musical presence touched the lives of numerous musicians, inspired a genre and who’s musical contribution deserves recognition. 

Allen Woody!! For those of us who tend to seek out a bass line in a song, the name Allen Woody should register in your brain’s musical library.  Specifically, in the southern rock genre. He was the stand-out bassist for bands such as The Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t Mule, The Artimus Pyle Band and more.

His unexpected passing on August 26, 2000 encouraged his fellow musicians to hold the first benefit called One For Woody in September 2000.  Ten years later, Warren Haynes and an ARSENAL of guitar-wielding friends put together the second benefit for this greatly missed musician: Another One For Woody: “Wish You Were Here!”

DISC 1 - North Mississippi All-stars Duo

01. Just Outside Of Heaven
02. The Lucky One
03. I Shall Be Released
04. Shimmy The Wobble  Station Blues  Preachin' Blues
05. Glory Glory Glory
06. Po Black Maddie  Skinny Woman  Jumpercable
07. Whiskey Rock Rolla

DISC 2 - Gov't Mule

01. Railroad Boy
02. Blind Man In The Dark
03. Steppin' Lightly
04. Banks Of The Deep End
05. Stage Banter 1
06. I'm A Ram
07. Stage Banter 2
08. Dear Prudence
09. Stage Banter 3
10. 3220 Blues

DISC 3 - Gov't Mule

01. Announcement
02. Stay With Me
03. Sometimes Salvation
04. Stange Banter 4
05. Simple Man
06. Wishing Well
07. Soulshine

DISC 4 - Allman Brothers Band

01. Don't Want You No More
02. It's Not My Cross To Bear
03. End Of The Line
04. No One To Run With
05. Black Hearted Woman
06. Who's Been Talking
07. Midnight Rider

DISC 5 - Allman Brothers Band

01. Stage Banter 5
02. One Way Out
03. Statesboro Blues
04. Stage Banter 6
05. The Weight
06. Stage Banter 7
07. Franklin's Tower
08. Stage Banter 8
09. Southbound
10. Whipping Post
11. Wish You Were Here


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Slim Chance - On The Move

Slim Chance - On The Move - 2015

Reminiscent in ways of Ronnie's own second album (appropriately named 'Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance') with its many wide and varied musical styles, it's a wonderful mix of band originals, Ronnie's own numbers plus a surprise or two along the way.

Original band members Steve Bingham, Charlie Hart and Steve Simpson, ably assisted by Geraint Watkins, Des Horsfall and two fine drummers, Jim Russell and John Lingwood, not only prove themselves to be strong songwriters in their own right, but also damned fine vocalists.

From the 'The Poacher'-esque 'Fishing Line' and the Joplin-esque 'Ragtime', to the swooping Afro-Caribbean feel of 'Line In The Sand' and the rock 'n' roll influenced 'Two Steps Away From Love', the band are at ease across various musical genres. Still very much a Slim Chance record, there's also new workings of 'The Poacher', 'Ain't No Lady' and 'Done This One Before', all Ronnie penned songs along with covers of Lead Belly's 'Duncan & Brady' and the Balham Alligators 'Hey Hey, Ho Ho'.

Steve Bingham - Vocals, Bass
Charlei Hart - Vocals, Accordion, Fiddle, Organ, Spanish Guitar
Jim RusselL- Drums, Percussion
Steve Simpson - Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Fiddle
Geraint Watkins - Vocals, Piano, Accordion
Alun Davis - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Des Horsfall - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
John Lingwood- Drums, Percussion


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Alan Vega / Alex Chilton / Ben Vaughn ‎– Cubist Blues

Alan Vega / Alex Chilton / Ben Vaughn ‎– Cubist Blues - 1996

from AMG
Cubist Blues was the unholy union of future roots music wailer Alan Vega with a pair of terminal rock & roll outsiders in Ben Vaughn and Alex Chilton. Since almost everybody else in the indie and pop worlds were still wandering around in shock after the death of Kurt Cobain, almost no one took notice of this terrifyingly great record made in two consecutive dusk-to-dawn improvisational sessions at Dessau Studios on the Lower East Side of New York in December of 1994. Like the best of jazz when the cats in the '50s would just show up to see what would happen (more often than not, it did: check the Norman Granz Jam Session albums and the Prestige All-Stars). What does it sound like? Crazy voodoo ghost music. It sounds like Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent, and Johnny Burnette fighting for a place at Elvis' table someplace between heaven and hell that isn't earth. Vega's a poet of the other side of rock & roll. In the grain of his voice is the cry, weep, and wail of the blues as it met speed, cars, rocket ships, and the inside of Papa Legba's drum. Forget for one moment he was in Suicide, if you can, and listen to these freaky, screwed-down guitars, ramshackle pianos bearing their low keys like a dog's teeth, basses that rumble instead of pop. It's messed up -- check tracks like "Fly Away," where Jim Morrison meets Jeffrey Lee Pierce in the rebel squall of the south wind; the steam-shovel rockabilly of "Fat City" that is as streetwise as any hip-hop crew's boast shop, or creates a roaring sound Dion would have loved to have heard in his head in the Bronx in the '50s. It is poetry, man. There's the noir-ish blues of "Sister" that stumbles, falls, and breaks its leg before it ever starts, and the post-nightmare retake on "Dream Baby," where nothing is as it seems in the mirror. The live disc howls even more primitively, with the crew trying to force the audience through the eye of the space needle with them. Brilliant, disturbing, obsessive, and addictive; Cubist Blues is an album that time forgot, but was never more in time.


01. Fat City
Bass – Ben Vaughn
Guitar – Alex Chilton

02. Fly Away
Bass, Piano, Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Piano – Alex Chilton

03. Freedom
Guitar – Ben Vaughn
Synthesizer, Lead Guitar – Alex Chilton

04. Candyman
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Bass – Alex Chilton

05. Come On Lord
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar – Alex Chilton

06. Promised Land
Guitar, Drums – Ben Vaughn
Keyboards (Bass) – Alex Chilton

07. Lover Of Love
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Piano – Alex Chilton

08. Sister
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Bass – Alex Chilton

09. Too Late
Guitar, Piano – Ben Vaughn
Synthesizer – Alex Chilton

10. Do Not Do Not
Bass, Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Piano, Drums – Alex Chilton

11. The Werewolf
Drums – Alex Chilton
Guitar, Keyboards (Bass), Piano – Ben Vaughn

12. Dream Baby Revisited
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Piano – Alex Chilton


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Ted Aliotta - Ted Aliotta - 2013

Ted Aliotta - Ted Aliotta  - 2013

In 1961 Ted and brother Mitch become the house band, The Maybees, at a local club, where they continue to perform for five years. In 1966 Ted fronts the band Love Castle, playing the Midwest college circuit with covers and original songs, as well as writing, arranging, and performing TV and radio commercials. In 1969 Ted wins the lead role in the rock opera Hair. In 1970 Ted forms the band “Alliota Haynes” and helps to write the lyrics for the hit song Lake Shore Drive with Skip Haynes.Ted-Aliotta-portrait

In 1971 Ted forms the band Hoona with his brother Dean, playing all original music. Furthering his goals, Ted enters the National Poetry Video Guild competition, and is twice nominated for national poet of the year. Ted continues his passion of Metaphysics and Higher Consciousness for over 46 years. The questions of who, what, why, where, when, and how become an integral message in his writing.

In 1981 Ted forms the band Acme Thunder with brother Mitch, recording and playing concerts and the clubs. In 1988 Ted writes, arranges, produces, and records the Great Spirit project. In 1992 Ted forms the band Funk- N- A with many new tunes. In 1994 Ted forms the Band Groove Machine (his current band) and releases two CDs. Ted also continues to study the Arts, and teaches harmonica, voice, and guitar. He performs poetry and music at his Poetry, Music and the Art of Living seminars at colleges, galleries, and clubs. Starting in 1998 Ted is hired by major museums, libraries, and clubs to perform his poetry. Ted is also engaged by the NFL to write, and record copy for Harley Davidson’s 95th birthday movie. He is considered by many to be a modern day mentor, mystic and prophet.

01. South Chicago L.S.D.
02. The Cause
03. Time
04. Valentine
05. Payday
06. Starlight
07. Make Believe
08. Think Love
09. Give a Shit
10. Beer
11. The Light


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Jess Roden - The Player Not The Game

Jess Roden - The Player Not The Game - 1977

Singer/guitarist Jess Roden was born in Kidderminster in England's West Midlands, and his first band was the Shakedown Sounds. In 1967, he joined the Alan Bown Set as their new lead singer. Although their records never charted nationally, he did pick up a fandom in London (and belatedly became something of a star on the Northern Soul scene) with the release of their single "Emergency 999." He remained with the Bown group through 1970, after which he formed the band Bronco, and later worked on Wildlife, the third Mott the Hoople album, and with Keef Hartley on the album Lancashire Hustler. In the mid-'70s, he teamed up with ex-Doors John Densmore and Robby Krieger in the Butts Band, and sang on their first album. Roden finally emerged as a solo artist in his own right in the mid-'70s on Island Records, with his 1974 self-titled solo album, which was cut in New Orleans and included Allen Toussaint and Art Neville on keyboards. His albums throughout the '70s got great reviews but he never saw any significant sales; in between his own work, he managed to sing and play on albums by Carol Grimes, Jim Capaldi, Stomu Yamashta, Sandy Denny, and Grace Jones. He was with the group Rivits on Island for one album at the outset of the '80s. 

01. Misty Roses
02. Sensation
03. Lonely Avenue
04. The Quiet Sound Of You And I
05. The Hardest Blow
06. Drinking Again
07. Woman Across The Water
08. In Me Tonight


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VA - Lynne Me Your Ears - Tribute to The Music of Jeff Lynne

VA - Lynne Me Your Ears - Tribute to The Music of Jeff Lynne - 2001

Lynne Me Your Ears – A Tribute to the Music of Jeff Lynne is a compilation of compositions written by songwriter Jeff Lynne. The majority of material are cover versions of Lynne's longest running and most successful group; Electric Light Orchestra. Though, there are cover versions of work that Lynne has done with Traveling Wilburys, The Move and The Idle Race.

01. 10538 Overture – Bobby Sutliff & Mitch Easter
02. Ma Ma Ma Belle – Earl Slick
03. Telephone Line – Jeffrey Foskett
04. Do Ya – Jason Falkner
05. Sweet Is the Night – Ben Lee
06. Rockaria! – Pat Buchanan
07. Every Little Thing – Michael Carpenter
08. No Time – Peter Holsapple
09. Showdown – Richard Barone
10. Handle with Care – Jamie Hoover
11. Strange Magic – Mark Helm
12. Evil Woman – Ross Rice
13. Steppin' Out – Carl Wayne
14. Don't Bring Me Down – Swag
15. One Summer Dream – Prairie Sons And Daughters (feat. Prairie Prince)
16. Can't Get It Out of My Head – Doug Powell
17. Twilight – The Shazam
18. Mr. Blue Sky – Tony Visconti (with Kristeen Young and Richard Barone)
19. You Took My Breath Away – The Heavy Blinkers
20. Message from the Country – The Balls Of France
21. The Minister – Ferenzik
22. Xanadu – Neilson Hubbard And Venus Hum
23. When Time Stood Still – Bill Lloyd
24. Above the Clouds – Sparkle Jets UK
25. Rock And Roll Is King – Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings
26. Morning Sunshine – Jeremy
27. Boy Blue – Rick Altizer
28. Livin' Thing – PFR
29. On the Run – Sixpence None the Richer
30. Bluebird Is Dead – Todd Rundgren
31. Turn to Stone – Roger Klug
32. Eldorado – Fleming and John


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Country Joe McDonald - Live In New York '71

Country Joe McDonald - Live In New York '71 - 2016

Country Joe McDonald was firmly established as one of the most articulate and outspoken voices of the US counterculture. This rare early solo performance finds him tackling a wide variety of material, from Country Joe & The Fish classics (including the original version of "Section 43", entitled "Motif In Black"), to more recent numbers from his solo career. The entire, original WBAI FM broadcast live at the Museum of Modern Art, New York on July 15th, 1971.

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. For No Reason
03. Motif In Black
04. It's So Nice To Have Love
05. Air Algiers
06. Joe's Blues
07. Kiss My Ass
08. The Harlem Song
09. Red Hot Mama
10. Here I Go Again
11. WBAI Announcement

Disc 2
01. The Baby Song
02. Mr. Big Pig
03. Janis
04. Who Am I?
05. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
06. I'm On The Road Again
07. Jean Desprez
08. We Want Our Freedom
09. Fish Cheer - I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag


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William Souffreau - Been Away Too Long

William Souffreau - Been Away Too Long - 1996

William was born on the 14th of April 1946, in Erembodegem, under a Belgian moon. He jumped into the music scene in the early sixties with the rock 'n' roll band The Blue Jets. At that time William wrote his first song, 'Feel so Lonely', which was later recorded on the album ‘Shake It’ (2002) by Blink It. Around 1963 William played with The Mings. His first recordings date from 1966, with The Four Rockets. Near the end of the 60s The Four Rockets became the more psychedelic rockband Dementia Praecox.

In 1970 William was elected number one rock singer of Belgium. Earlier that year he had founded the band The Voodoo, which soon became Irish Coffee. This rock band was a large success in many countries. Irish Coffee recorded one album and four singles (including the hit single 'Masterpiece'), all collector's items now. The band played many concerts and did numerous TV and radio shows. Irish Coffee was a support act for Uriah Heep, Chicken Shack and Golden Earring, among others. In 1974 the Irish Coffee story came to an end.

01. Gimme a Reason
02. Black Cat
03. Beware
04. Baby Come On
05. Been Away Too Long
06. Ten Good Reasons
07. Wish You Were Here
08. Just Enough Rope
09. Close to You
10. Another Woman
11. December Sky

William Souffreau - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Van Bruystegem - Lead Guitar
Luc De Clus - Guitar
Geert Maesschalck - Bass
Gert Meert - Drums
Peter Bauwens - Piano, Organ
Steven De Bruyn - Blues Harp
Filip Demeyer - Sax
Nils De Caster - Violin
Pascal Michiels, Françoise Vidick - Backing Vocals