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Michael Giles Mad Band - In The Moment


Michael Giles Mad Band - In The Moment - 2011

By John Gordon from from DOA
The Mad Band introduce themselves as practitioners of improvised and spontaneous music, although this only provides the most basic of introductions to their skilfully crafted, approaching virtuosic levels of musicianship. Formed by founding member of King Crimson Michael Giles around a decade ago, the Mad Band in their present form are to all intents and purposes a continuation of that hugely influential group, including as it does (on this album) modern composer and also former Crimson associate Keith Tippett. Both musicians played on the bands 1971 In The Wake Of Poseidon album, and while Michael Giles left the band as a full member around this time, Keith Tippett continued to work alongside Robert Fripp until 1972′s Islands album.

In The Moment is the second album recorded by Michael Giles and his two other full band members, guitarist Daniel Pennie and percussionist AD Chivers, following on from 2009′s The Adventures Of… Keith Tippett has an extensive reputation outside of his work with King Crimson, and there’s an energy and depth to the work of the Mad Band that’s difficult to categorise. It’s very slightly misleading to describe this music as ‘improvised’ though. While spontaneous composition and extemporised jamming is what fuels the Mad Bands musical engine, there’s a myriad of influences present throughout In The Moment, and it can seem as much of a collision of talents as an association.

he album has a definite structure, and the tracks build upon each other purposefully, lending the proceedings a symphonic air. These are after all greatly experienced and committed musicians, and ones whose talents require (both in their earliest collaborations and now) wider structures to function within than the conventional rock/jazz/classical formats provide. Elements of all of these combine across the 14 tracks on In The Moment, referencing mainstream rock as often as they do John Cage or Stockhausen, the Bad Seeds or Neubaten, Public Image or Can : the one binding element holding these and other influences together is Michael Giles’ continuously inventive drumming which is thunderously assertive one moment then disingenuously reflective the next, and the rhythmic initiative of the tracks is shared amongst the performers, whether it comes from Keith Tippetts scattered piano chordage, Daniel Pennies controlled guitar feedback or the percussive interjections of AD Chivers.


01. Grand Graffiti    
02. Why Not    
03. Heavy Metal On Sunday    
04. The Track Less Travelled    
05. Water Colour Mystery    
06. Guess What    
07. Fat Cat Casino    
08. Highly Strung    
09. Three Four All    
10. Boots And Ballgowns    
11. Taxi To The Moon    
12. Care And Attention    
13. Hot Pursuit    
14. And Yet (In The Fullness Of Time)    

Michael Giles - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Keith Tippet - Piano
Daniel Pennie - Guitar, Loops
Adrian Chivers - Found Sounds, Horns


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