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Mountain - Official Live Mountain Bootleg Series - Volume 16

Mountain - Official Live Mountain Bootleg Series - Volume 16 - 2006

The performances contained on the Mountain Bootleg Series are drawn from various stages of the bands career from the very early years when the band first formed through to recent gigs undertaken by the band. All the performances come from the personal archives of both Leslie West and Corky Laing and whilst some of the performances are not sonically perfect the quality of the performances are never in question and as Corky Laing says “Some of the performances are real interesting”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

This is the latest release in the ongoing Mountain Official Bootleg Series and was recorded in Arizona in 1982. At this time in the bands history the band were re establishing themselves o the American touring circuit and the set list is geared to reminding the audience what a potent live force the band were. The set list contains the Mountain classics Nantucket Sleighride, Mississippi Queen and also a cover of the Rolling Stones song Honky Tonk Women which Leslie West had covered for his Great Fatsby album in the 1970’s whilst the band was between record deals. The performance does however contain the Mountain classics including Nantucket Sleighride and Mississippi Queen.

01. Tune Up / Never In My Life / Goin' Down
02. Theme For An Imaginary Western
03. Jam Intro / Third Degree
04. Nantucket Sleighride / Hall of the Mountain King
05. Mississippi Queen
06. Honky Tonk Women
07. Apolitical Blues.


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