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The Psychedelic Cowboys - Tragic Songs and Hop-A-Longs

The Psychedelic Cowboys - Tragic Songs and Hop-A-Longs - 2000

by Jason MacNei from AMG

Led by Missouri-cum-Los Angeles singer John "Lefty" Harlan, the Psychedelic Cowboys owe much of their style and music to early alt-country icons such as Gram Parsons, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Ozark Mountain Daredevils. With a very unique blending of standard country & western mixed with the psychedelic ambience of the '60s, the group created a buzz in Los Angeles and the southern United States. Despite guitarist Don Ian leaving the band in early 2000, they continued on. After releasing a four-song EP titled Choral Corral, the group released its debut full-length album in 2001. Tragic Songs and Hop-A-Longs was released on Stone Legal Records. The group has won praise in many Americana and alt-country magazines, including No Depression and Country Standard Time.

01. Kaleidoscope Canyon Drive
02. Life's Great
03. Goodbye Louise
04. Mt. Airy Mistake
05. Common Man
06. Wile Coyote
07. Say A Prayer
08. Oklahoma
09. Oh Why (She's Gone)
10. Hippie Girls & Sippin' Whisky
11. Good Ole Boy In Gomorrah
12. California Country Scene

Cover / Vinyl Version

John Harlan - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Jeff Legore - Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Purgatory Dan Raziel - Lead Guitar
Skip Watson - Pedal Steel Guitar, Harmony Vocals
"Lone Gun" Harrigan - Drums, Percussion

Chris Darrow - mandolin, wmi
Dapper Don Ian - lead guitar
Tom Kelsey - 12-string guitar
Dan Janisch - acoustic guitar
John Bertini - mandolin
Jay Dee Maness - pedal steel
Atoke Das Gupta - sitar
John Bird - guitar and harmonium
Dave Sobel - vox organ
Tom Sauber, Brantley Kearns - fiddles
Pat "The Kid"Sauber - banjo and squeezebox
Eric Sung, Timothy Loo - cellos
Probyn Gregory - trumpet
Jonathan Mohr - dog house bass and tuba
Dr. Eric Hord - phantom guitar



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Vamos de novo nos vaqueiros lisérgicos, que são muito bons. Abraço.

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Valeu demais Only!

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