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Leo Lyons' KICK - Tough Trip Through Paradise

Leo Lyons' KICK - Tough Trip Through Paradise - 1994

Ten Years After bass player, Leo Lyons, and Tony Crooks began a song writing partnership back in 1987,  this led to the formation of the band KICK. The band’s first gig was a festival in Hamburg, playing in front of 12,000 people. Ffollowing this, they continued to tour extensively for several years throughout the mid 90s, during which time they released two CDs – ‘Heartland’ and ‘Tough Trip Through Paradise’. 

Heartland’ was first released in Japan in 1992, the line-up was Tony Crooks - guitar/vocals; Leo Lyons - bass; Andy Nye - keyboards/backing vocals (former Michael Schenker group) and Kex Gorin - drums (former Magnum).

 ‘Tough Trip Through Paradise’, was released in 1994, the line-up that year including: Leo Lyons - bass; Tony Crooks - guitar/vocals; Steve Rodford and Mark Price - drums; Don Airey - keyboards and Jon Willoughby - guitar/backing vocals. The KICK are not currently touring but Tony and Leo continue to work together on different projects, building up a large catalogue of songs, many of which have been recorded by other artistes. The reformation of Ten Years After in 2002 has generated a new interest in the KICK and in response to the many requests to re-release the back catalogue.

01. Feel Good About It
02. Driving On The Wrong side
03. Save Me
04. Living Legend Of The Blues
05. Mad Bad And Dangerous
06. Working In A Parking Lot
07. Tough Trip Through Paradise
08. Bad Blood
09. The Last Picture Show
10. Big Black 45
11. Say The Word
12. Living It Up

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