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Appaloosa - Never Gone

Appaloosa - Never Gone - 2012

By John Compton
Appaloosa broke up faster than it came together for our reunion concert a few years ago ... by the time I had all the songs written there were only two original members of the band left .... Never Gone music CDs and then suddenly, just one original member - moi... so I recorded the string parts using computer software (Garritan Personal Orchestra) and asked my longtime friend Bob McCarthy and my daughter Vanessa to help finish the record.... Never Gone songs John Parker Compton/vocals and acoustic and electric guitars / Bob McCarthy electric lead guitar and mandolin / Vanessa Compton cello and piano. 

01. Who Woulnd't Want?           
02. California Morning           
03. Goes On Forever           
04. Morning Wind           
05. Tim Hardin Sing           
06. Spend Another Day           
07. 10,000 Roses           
08. Falling Down           
09. I Will Walk Again           
10. Makes Me Smile           
11. December Rain           
12. Jacqueline


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