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Steve Ellis - Ten Commitments

Steve Ellis - Ten Commitments - 2011

By Ivan Beavis from Morning Star 

You just cannot keep an old rocker from the '60s down these days. Steve Ellis is the old frontman from glam pop band The Love Affair, whose number one hit Everlasting Love is still a staple of nostalgia radio stations throughout the world.

On this, he's come up with an album made in 10 days in a mate's new studio. And it is by no means a bad record at all if you like familiar tunes well sung and performed.

Ellis was never a flash in the pan, as his brilliant performance on the soundtrack to the film of Joe Orton's Loot testifies, and again the album reflects his impeccable choice of songs.

As well as two of his own compositions, penned with Andy Lewis and Eric Wright, he has chosen songs by Neil Young and Beatles and a reggae version of Please Please Me which, though it might not sound like a good idea, works pretty well.

All in all, an honest offering of enjoyable fare with nothing outstanding - but all of it worthwhile.

01. Don't Let Me Be the Only One
02. Healing Touch
03. Hit the Spot
04. Never Say Never
05. On the Way Home
06. Perfect Sunday
07. Please Please Me
08. Thank You Baby for Loving Me
09. War Train
10. We Got It


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M W Rey disse...

Steve Ellis is one of greatest artists of the pop-rock culture in general, and the official history isn't fair with his excellent work. Can you re-upload the rest of his albums (The Love Affair Is Over and A Sort Of Innocence)?
Thanks in advance, friend.
M W Rey
(aka Harry)