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Ian Hunter - Missing in Action

Ian Hunter - Missing in Action - 2000

Missing in Action is a compilation of previously unreleased live material from various periods in Ian's solo career (Long Island NY 1979; Chicago IL 1979; Essen Germany 1980; San Jose CA 1989; Toronto Canada 1987/88). The bonus disc, Collateral Damage, contains more live material from those shows, and was included with the first 5000 copies.

CD 1 - Missing In Action

01. Life After Death
02. Ships
03. Letter To Brittania From The Union Jack
04. We Gotta Get Out Of Here
05. While You Were Looking At Me
06. (I'm The) Teacher
07. American Music
08. Day Tripper
09. Tell It Like It Is
10. Pain
11. Women's Intuition
12. Wild East
13. Na Na Na.

CD 2 - Collateral Damage (limited bonus disc)

01. FBI
02. Once Bitten Twice Shy
03. When The Daylight Comes
04. Laugh At Me
05. I Wish I Was Your Mother
06. Cleveland Rocks
07. Bastard
08. Standin' In My Light
09. Angeline
10. All The Way From Memphis
11. Walking With A Moutain/Rock 'n' Roll Queen
12. All The Young Dudes
13. Slaughter On 10th Avenue.

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