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Weird Owl - Nuclear Psychology

Weird Owl - Nuclear Psychology - 2007

by Gregory Heaney, AMG guide
Formed in 2004, Brooklyn's Weird Owl have a sound that falls somewhere  between the overblown excursions of fellow Brooklynites Oneida and the spacy, exploratory riffing of Black Mountain. The band has carved out a sound of its own, combining the influence of psych rock pioneers 13th Floor Elevators and the introspective vocal style of Neil Young. The result is a sound that layers warm fuzz and laconic, swirling synthesizers to create neo-psych that manages to feel experimental while harking back to a time when album-oriented rock was king and monolithic riffs roamed the Earth.

01. Like 100,000 Sunsets
02. Thy Space Grows Long
03. White Hidden Fire
04. Tickle the Invisible
05. King of Flowers (Esp)


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