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Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers - Live at Rainbow Orchards

Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers -  Live at Rainbow Orchards - 2000
(WITH Harvey Mandel)

from AMG

The leader of the Blues Rockers since the early 70's, Mick Martin has been one of the most dependable members of the West Coast blues scene. Starting his band when he discovered late 60's blues/rock fusion groups like the Rolling Stones, Martin stayed around the Sacramento area for years. Releasing album after album, Martin eventually built up a strong reputation and began performing with big name artists such as Grover Washington Jr. and Bo Diddley as his name spread. Into the next century, Martin signed to local label Dig Music and released Tip of the Hat, an all-covers record.  

01. I Don't Care
02. Find That Girl
03. Back Talking Baby
04. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter
05. Freeflow
06. Voodoo Queen   
07. There's The Door
08. Wade In The Water
09. Boogie Medley

Mick Martin - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Tim Barnes - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Steve Schofer - Bass, Vocals
Joe Murazzo - Drums
Harvey Mandel - Guitar


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