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Chillbone - Try And Act Normal

Chillbone - Try And Act Normal - 2002

Chillbone is an original band from Western Massachusettes, composed of various rhythm and horn sections behind Jay Galarneau (lead guitar), Kimball Trump (vocals, keys) and Tim Heffernan (vocals, guitar).

"The Bone", with the help of Kevin Doherty, joined friend and producer Will Schillinger to record at his studio, Pilot Recording Studios in New York City.

A team our favorite musicians was assembled for the project including  Will Lee on bass and Dennis Chambers of Fukadelic/Brides of Funkenstein, Steely Dan etc. on drums.  Shelah Brody of George Clinton's P-funk joined in with her savage vocals.  Uptown Horns Crispin  Cioe and Bob Funk came with Kenny Fradley for the horn section and solos. Soozie Tyrell and Sherryl Marshall were borrowed from Bruce Springstein Band for back up vocals.  Other friends such as Marshall Crenshaw, Steve Holley and Jon Herington dropped in for guest appearences. The album was recorded and mixed at Pilot and mastered it at EMI-Abbey Road / Studio Two.

01. Mystic Booty           
02.Tonight's The Night           
03. Feelin' With The Groove           
04. Back In The Bus           
05. Chongo           
06. Part Of It           
07. Bear           
08. Fizzicle Haus           
09. List Of Chores           
10. Gift From Bootsie

Tim Heffernan : Vocals, Guitar
Jay Galarneau - Lead Guitar
Kimball Trump- Keyboards
 Marshall Crenshaw - Guitar Solo
Jon Herington - Guitar
Aaron Johnson , Dennis Chambers - Drums
Will Lee  - Bass
Amy Fairchild, Soozie Tyrel, Sherryl Marshall, Lisa Lowell, Shelah Brody -  Vocals
 Kenny Fradley - Trumpet
Crispin Cioe - Sax
Bob Funk - Trombone
Steve Holley, Joe Trump - Percussion
Sibel Firat  - Cello
Adam Widoff - Sitar



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