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Hugh Burns - Synchromatic

 Hugh Burns - Synchromatic - 2004

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Synchromatic is a collection of original music inspired by the spontaneity of fifties and sixties studio recordings. This album seeks to capture the atmosphere of ensemble recording typical of earlier eras whilst using the best studio technology available today; creating a bridge between classic jazz roots and twenty-first century style. Seeking to emulate the mood created by the classic Blue Note and Riverside albums, Hugh Burns fuses the late-night moods and improvisational quality of earlier jazz recordings with a contemporary harmonic language.

The album features eleven songs: six self-penned by Hugh, two by veteran guitar pioneer Ron Moore, one Wes Montgomery classic and two by musicians appearing on the album. Played by some of the UK's finest musicians and beautifully recorded, Synchromatic, like the guitar, sustains a great jazz tradition. 

01. Synchromatic
02. California
03. Reverie
04. Key Largo
05. If We Can
06. Feels So Good
07. Tear It Down
08. Blue Mood
09. Soul Mountain
10. Melissa
11. Harbour Nights   


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