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Sugaree - The American Dreams

Sugaree - The American Dreams - 2010

Few may have heard of singer Sugaree but they are very likely to have heard of her father, legendary singer-songwriter Leon Russell, on whose label Sugaree’s debut has been released.

Though that fact smacks of nepotistic opportunism, saying so outright would only be permissible if the album was a dud. Truth is, The American Dream is something of a pop gem – a contemporary album that is a million miles from the country-blues music of her father. A short album at just over thirty minutes, it mixes different genres – rock, pop and R&B – with an electro-dance vibe that pulls all its disparate references into a coherent, if sometimes samey, sound.

The album starts off very strongly with the title track’s bombastic opening synth-strings, guitars and bass, above which Sugaree takes time to admonish American consumerism. The exotic sonic palette of ‘Beautiful’ underpins strong melodies and vocals, her voice immediately recalling to mind Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie, and has a chorus hook that could pay commercial dividends given the right break.

Elsewhere, ‘Is This War (A Love Song)’ is all cabaret and tribal beats, ‘Lying Down’ is filled with stadium drums and caterwauling vocals that could have been pulled from a Shakira album, while ‘One More Time’, ‘Personal Stranger’ and ‘Simple Solution’ are well-written contemporary pop songs.

NB: Para os defensores de que somente rock possa girar em seu player, esse download é altamente NÃO recomendado.

01. The American Dream       

02. Beautiful       
03. Is This War (A Love Song)       
04. Lying Down       
05. One More Time       
06. Personal Stranger       
07. Security       
08. Simple Solution       
09. Stepping Stones       
10. What It Looks Lik


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Musicômano disse...

Cara, tu já viste que o Mirrocreator está fora do ar? É brincadeira... Não sei o que está acontecendo. Acho que está havendo uma sobrecarga de acessos. Um abraço.

Only Good Song disse...

Talvez algo momentâneo, pois tá funfando agora.
Deve ser a galera do mundo todo buscando alternativas.
Mas como vc disse, ainda vai demorar um pouco para as melâncias se acertarem no caminhão.
Vamos aguardar, no stress.