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Gayle McCormick - Gayle McCormick

Gayle McCormick- Gayle McCormick- 1971

from wikipedia
Gayle McCormick was born in St. Louis on the 26th of November 1948. Gayle attended Pattonville High in St. Louis and sang high soprano with the Suburb Choir, a 150-voice unit that performed annually with the St. Louis Symphony. Her recording and performing career stretched from 1965 to 1976. McCormick had started her career singing songs by Tina Turner and Etta James.

In 1969 Smith was formed in Los Angeles, California, their first album entitled "A Group Called Smith," featured Gayle McCormick as the primary vocalist. Smith mainly played and recorded covers of pop and soul songs and made the top ten with a remake of "Baby It's You", a previous hit for The Shirelles, was also featured in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse film Death Proof.

After the group disbanded, McCormick went on to record three solo albums. In the fall of 1971, her performance of "It's A Cryin' Shame" charted at #44.

01. It's A Cryin' Shame

02. Superstar
03. C'est La Vie
04. Natural Woman
05. You Really Got A Hold On Me
06. Rescue Me
07. If Only You Believe
08. Save Me
09. Everyting Has Got To Be Free
10. Gonna Be Alright Now

NB: A versão de Superstar encontrada nesse disco é para mim, sem dúvida, a melhor que já ouvi em minha vida.

+ @320 (CD reissued 2008)

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rockfan disse...

I've just seen and downloaded Gayle's 2nd album in your fantastic blog, and I've looked for this one, just to learn that all the links are dead. Any chance of reposting, please? And if you have her 3rd and last album, that would be great too. Thanks a lot in advance.

Only Good Song disse...

Hi Rockfan

I'll make a new link this week. Will appear as a new post


rockfan disse...

That's fantastic, more than OK! One more question? Do you have Gayle's 3rd solo album? THANKS a lot again for this repost.

Only Good Song disse...

Gayle 1st album repost

Only Good Song disse...


Yeah, but be patient.
I need answer 1 or 2 requests before.

rockfan disse...

Answering to your last reply to me... Patience has its reward: the 3rd album by Gayle has just appeared in your blog, so THANKS a lot again!

Sławomir Poleski disse...

Many, many thanks! I love Gale! I have almost all of its recordings, but poor quality. Please, more!
Best regards! Slavo, Warsaw, Poland.

Only Good Song disse...

Hi Stawomir,
Thanks for your comment!

all Gayle' solo albums you find here on the blog. Just click

And Enjoy

Greetings from Brazil