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David Lewis - Ghost Rhymes

David Lewis - Ghost Rhymes - 2007

Ghost Rhymes is the third release from David Lewis, who has been producing collections of melodic and gently reflective songs since the late 1980's. Lewis, who is based in West London, has been described as ‘a writer and singer worth getting to know’ (Sing Out!), his work as ‘smart song-craft’ (CD Now). Writing within a modern British folk tradition with strong roots in the 60s and 70s (Sandy Denny, Robin Williamson, Al Stewart, Donovan), Lewis’s songs may draw from past folk traditions, but they aim to present a contemporary respite from modern uncertainties. Co-produced by long-time collaborator John Wesley Harding, Ghost Rhymes features Harding and a host of other talented musicians.

Ghost Rhymes was recorded in Seattle, San Francisco and Harpenden, UK and it features 13 new songs (three co-written with Harding). “Water From the Well” and “Trying to Remember A Dream” feature a full folk-rock band sound, while songs such as “Waterwheel”, “Fever Dream”, “Something Real” and the title track explore a range of acoustic finger-picking styles and tunings. 


Dave Lewis - Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Bloch - Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Von Sneidern - Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
Chris Xefos -  Bass
Mike Musburger - Drums
Carrie Bradley - Fiddle,  Back Vocals
John Wesley Harding - Organ, Guitar, Harmonica, Electric Guitar,  Back Vocals, Mini Moog

01. Something Real            
02. Water from the Well            
03. Whole Again            
04. Ghost Rhyme            
05. Hidden Heart            
06. Tricks with Time            
07. Waterwheel            
08. Follow Her Down            
09. Confidence            
10. Fever Dream            
11. Trying to Remember a Dream            
12. Black Pig            
13. Lullaby


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