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Tom Robinson & Jakko Jakszyk - We Never Had It So Good - 1990

Tom Robinson & Jakko Jakszyk - We Never Had It So Good - 1990 - (1997 Reissue)

Critically-acclaimed collaboration with Dizrhthmia's Jakko Jakszyk featuring his virtuoso guitar work plus drum guru Gavin Harrison behind the kit. On the strength of this album Jakko went on to play guitar for Level 42. This 1997 reissue includes 'Rigging It Up Duncannon' - an outtake from the original album - plus brand new versions of 'Jonestown' and 'The War Is Over', first featured on Castway Club CD Vol 2.

01. We Never Had It So Good
02. Driving Through The Desert
03. Blood Brother
04. What Have I Ever Done To You?
05. The Baby Rages On
06. Tomboy
07. Kiss And Roll Over
08. Hard Cases
09. Can't Stop: Peter's Theme
10. My Own Sweet Way

Bonus Tracks (reissued/renamed as Blood Brother 1997)   
11. Rigging It Up, Duncannon
12. For You The War Is Over
13. Jonestown
14. Happy In The Homelands

Tom Robinson - Vocals
Jakko Jakszyk - Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals
Gavin Harrison - Drums
Colin Baldry - Bass


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Ian Hunter - From the Knees of My Heart (The Crysalis Years 1979-1984) (RE-POST)


Ian Hunter - From the Knees of My Heart (The Crysalis Years 1979-1984) - 2012

from AMG
Ian Hunter's short time at Chrysalis marked one of his great periods so it's little wonder that it's been heavily anthologized over the years. Nevertheless, the 2012 four-disc box From the Knees of My Heart: The Chrysalis Years (1979-1981) is one of the best of the bunch, capturing his three albums for the label -- 1979's You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic, 1980's live set Welcome to the Club, the very new wave 1981 platter Short Back N Sides -- and adding a bunch of rarities, including a live disc that was included as a bonus on an expanded double-disc reissue of You're Never Alone in 2009. Welcome to the Club and Short Back N Sides have also seen expanded reissues over the years and most, but not all, of the bonus cuts are here, along with a few other songs that haven't showed up elsewhere, plus a live set at Pepsi Fest on the fourth disc that hasn't shown up on disc, but has been on home video before. Some of these details are little more than list-keeping for trainspotters because the essential fact is this: the three years Ian Hunter spent at Chrysalis are among his strongest, with him producing two excellent LPs (You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic may be his greatest solo album) and fronting a hell of a band, heard here in their full glory twice. This is the easiest, best way to get all of the major recordings from this brilliant era at once.

CD 1: You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic:
01. Just Another Night
02. Wild East
03. Cleveland Rocks
04. Ships
05. When The Daylight Comes
06. Life After Death
07. Standin’ In My Light
08. Bastard
09. The Outsider
10. Don’t Let Go (Demo)
11. The Other Side Of Life (Outtake)
12. Ships (Early Version)
13. When The Daylight Comes (Early Version)
14. Just Another Night (Ronsonesque Version)
15. The Outsider (Early Version)
16. Alibi

CD 2: Welcome To The Club:
01. F.B.I. (Live)
02. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live)
03. Angeline (Live)
04. Laugh At Me (Live)
05. All The Way From Memphis (Live)
06. I Wish I Was Your Mother (Live)
07. Irene Wilde (Live)
08. Just Another Night (Live)
09. Cleveland Rocks (Live)
10. Standin’ In My Light (Live)
11. Bastard (Live)
12. Walking With A Mountain/Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen (Live)
13. All The Young Dudes (Live)
14. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Live)
15. One Of The Boys ((Bonus)
16. The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll (Bonus)

CD 3: Short Back ‘n’ Sides:
01. Central Park ‘n’ West (2000 – Remaster)
02. Lisa Likes Rock ‘n’ Roll (2000 – Remaster)
03. I Need Your Love (2000 – Remaster)
04. Old Records Never Die (2000 – Remaster)
05. Noises (2000 – Remaster)
06. Rain (2000 – Remaster)
07. Gun Control (2000 – Remaster)
08. Theatre Of The Absurd (2000 – Remaster)
09. Leave Me Alone (2000 – Remaster)
10. Keep On Burning (2000 – Remaster)
11. Na Na Na
12. I Believe In You
13. Listen To The Eight Track
14. You Stepped Into My Dreams
15. Venus in the Bathtub
16. Detroit (Take 1)
17. China (Rough Mix with Ronson Vocal)

CD 4: Ian Hunter Rocks (Live At The Pepper Festival 1981):
01. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
02. Gun Control (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
03. Central Park N’ West (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
04. All The Way from Memphis/Honky Tonk Women (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
05. I Need Your Love (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
06. Noises (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
07. Just Another Night (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
08. Cleveland Rocks (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
09. Irene Wilde (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
10. Medley: All the Young Dudes (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
11. Sons And Daughters (Live) (Alternate Version)
12. We Gotta Get Out Of Here (Alternate Version)
13. Silver Needles (Live)
14. Man O’ War (Live)

+@192 1/2
+@192 2/2
TRACK #10 from DISC 4 get HERE

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Steely Dan - Going Mobile

Steely Dan - Going Mobile - 2013

A band whose most revered recordings were made during a period of hiatus from live performance, it’s easy to forget that Steely Dan’s early years saw them flourish as a fully functional touring act. Here we have a live FM-radio broadcast recording of a typical Dan set from their last tour of the era, in support of the Pretzel Logic LP. As a summation of band’s early years, the setlist is flawless. Highlights include an extended jazz-rock workout on the thenunreleased Your Gold Teeth II and, most enticingly for fans, the still unreleased This All Too Mobile Home, a lost classic that would have fitted perfectly on Pretzel Logic.

01. Intro
02. Bodhisattva
03. The Boston Rag
04. Do It Again
05. Any Major Dude Will Tell You
06. King Of The World
07. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
08. Pretzel Logic
09. Your Gold Teeth II
10. Reelin' In The Years
11. This All Too Mobile Home