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Slim Chance - On The Move

Slim Chance - On The Move - 2015

Reminiscent in ways of Ronnie's own second album (appropriately named 'Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance') with its many wide and varied musical styles, it's a wonderful mix of band originals, Ronnie's own numbers plus a surprise or two along the way.

Original band members Steve Bingham, Charlie Hart and Steve Simpson, ably assisted by Geraint Watkins, Des Horsfall and two fine drummers, Jim Russell and John Lingwood, not only prove themselves to be strong songwriters in their own right, but also damned fine vocalists.

From the 'The Poacher'-esque 'Fishing Line' and the Joplin-esque 'Ragtime', to the swooping Afro-Caribbean feel of 'Line In The Sand' and the rock 'n' roll influenced 'Two Steps Away From Love', the band are at ease across various musical genres. Still very much a Slim Chance record, there's also new workings of 'The Poacher', 'Ain't No Lady' and 'Done This One Before', all Ronnie penned songs along with covers of Lead Belly's 'Duncan & Brady' and the Balham Alligators 'Hey Hey, Ho Ho'.

Steve Bingham - Vocals, Bass
Charlei Hart - Vocals, Accordion, Fiddle, Organ, Spanish Guitar
Jim RusselL- Drums, Percussion
Steve Simpson - Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Fiddle
Geraint Watkins - Vocals, Piano, Accordion
Alun Davis - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Des Horsfall - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
John Lingwood- Drums, Percussion


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Alan Vega / Alex Chilton / Ben Vaughn ‎– Cubist Blues

Alan Vega / Alex Chilton / Ben Vaughn ‎– Cubist Blues - 1996

from AMG
Cubist Blues was the unholy union of future roots music wailer Alan Vega with a pair of terminal rock & roll outsiders in Ben Vaughn and Alex Chilton. Since almost everybody else in the indie and pop worlds were still wandering around in shock after the death of Kurt Cobain, almost no one took notice of this terrifyingly great record made in two consecutive dusk-to-dawn improvisational sessions at Dessau Studios on the Lower East Side of New York in December of 1994. Like the best of jazz when the cats in the '50s would just show up to see what would happen (more often than not, it did: check the Norman Granz Jam Session albums and the Prestige All-Stars). What does it sound like? Crazy voodoo ghost music. It sounds like Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent, and Johnny Burnette fighting for a place at Elvis' table someplace between heaven and hell that isn't earth. Vega's a poet of the other side of rock & roll. In the grain of his voice is the cry, weep, and wail of the blues as it met speed, cars, rocket ships, and the inside of Papa Legba's drum. Forget for one moment he was in Suicide, if you can, and listen to these freaky, screwed-down guitars, ramshackle pianos bearing their low keys like a dog's teeth, basses that rumble instead of pop. It's messed up -- check tracks like "Fly Away," where Jim Morrison meets Jeffrey Lee Pierce in the rebel squall of the south wind; the steam-shovel rockabilly of "Fat City" that is as streetwise as any hip-hop crew's boast shop, or creates a roaring sound Dion would have loved to have heard in his head in the Bronx in the '50s. It is poetry, man. There's the noir-ish blues of "Sister" that stumbles, falls, and breaks its leg before it ever starts, and the post-nightmare retake on "Dream Baby," where nothing is as it seems in the mirror. The live disc howls even more primitively, with the crew trying to force the audience through the eye of the space needle with them. Brilliant, disturbing, obsessive, and addictive; Cubist Blues is an album that time forgot, but was never more in time.


01. Fat City
Bass – Ben Vaughn
Guitar – Alex Chilton

02. Fly Away
Bass, Piano, Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Piano – Alex Chilton

03. Freedom
Guitar – Ben Vaughn
Synthesizer, Lead Guitar – Alex Chilton

04. Candyman
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Bass – Alex Chilton

05. Come On Lord
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar – Alex Chilton

06. Promised Land
Guitar, Drums – Ben Vaughn
Keyboards (Bass) – Alex Chilton

07. Lover Of Love
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Piano – Alex Chilton

08. Sister
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Bass – Alex Chilton

09. Too Late
Guitar, Piano – Ben Vaughn
Synthesizer – Alex Chilton

10. Do Not Do Not
Bass, Drums – Ben Vaughn
Guitar, Piano, Drums – Alex Chilton

11. The Werewolf
Drums – Alex Chilton
Guitar, Keyboards (Bass), Piano – Ben Vaughn

12. Dream Baby Revisited
Drums – Ben Vaughn
Piano – Alex Chilton


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Ted Aliotta - Ted Aliotta - 2013

Ted Aliotta - Ted Aliotta  - 2013

In 1961 Ted and brother Mitch become the house band, The Maybees, at a local club, where they continue to perform for five years. In 1966 Ted fronts the band Love Castle, playing the Midwest college circuit with covers and original songs, as well as writing, arranging, and performing TV and radio commercials. In 1969 Ted wins the lead role in the rock opera Hair. In 1970 Ted forms the band “Alliota Haynes” and helps to write the lyrics for the hit song Lake Shore Drive with Skip Haynes.Ted-Aliotta-portrait

In 1971 Ted forms the band Hoona with his brother Dean, playing all original music. Furthering his goals, Ted enters the National Poetry Video Guild competition, and is twice nominated for national poet of the year. Ted continues his passion of Metaphysics and Higher Consciousness for over 46 years. The questions of who, what, why, where, when, and how become an integral message in his writing.

In 1981 Ted forms the band Acme Thunder with brother Mitch, recording and playing concerts and the clubs. In 1988 Ted writes, arranges, produces, and records the Great Spirit project. In 1992 Ted forms the band Funk- N- A with many new tunes. In 1994 Ted forms the Band Groove Machine (his current band) and releases two CDs. Ted also continues to study the Arts, and teaches harmonica, voice, and guitar. He performs poetry and music at his Poetry, Music and the Art of Living seminars at colleges, galleries, and clubs. Starting in 1998 Ted is hired by major museums, libraries, and clubs to perform his poetry. Ted is also engaged by the NFL to write, and record copy for Harley Davidson’s 95th birthday movie. He is considered by many to be a modern day mentor, mystic and prophet.

01. South Chicago L.S.D.
02. The Cause
03. Time
04. Valentine
05. Payday
06. Starlight
07. Make Believe
08. Think Love
09. Give a Shit
10. Beer
11. The Light