sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

MGMT - Climbing To New Lows

MGMT - Climbing To New Lows - 2005

Climbing to New Lows was a demo album that inadvertently became the first full album release of MGMT, at the time known as "The Management". It was their last release as The Management. In 2004, the group had changed their name to MGMT and signed with Cantora Records for their first official release, the Time to Pretend EP on August 30, 2005. Climbing to New Lows was intended only as a demo album that leaked on to the Internet in 2005 It featured some tracks from their self-released We (Don't) Care EP in 2004, like "We Care", "We Don't Care", "Grutu (Just Becuz)" and "Kids".

01. Intro (Come On Christmas)
02. We Care
03. Money to Burn
04. Hot Love Drama
05. The Kids Quartet
06. Kids (Afterschool Dance Megamix)
07. Honey Bunny
08. Greyhoundredux
09. Grutu (Just Becuz)
10. We Don't Care


segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2016

The Incubators - Must Hatch

The Incubators - Must Hatch - 2012
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Fronted by singer-songwriters Katie Freeman (vocals) & Chris Chappell (vocals, guitar), and supported by bassist Max Ramey (Davis Ramey), The Incubators debut release Must Hatch is an eclectic mix of groove-based roots rock. Based out of Petaluma, CA, home of the Must Hatch Incubator Company, The Incubators are a nest collective of talented players and writers. Drawing upon the abundance of top-notch musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area, Must Hatch is packed throughout with performances by established Bay Area talents such as organists Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band), and Mike Emerson (Carlene Carter, Blues Broads), guitarists Scott Law (Darol Anger, Brokedown In Bakersfield), Chris Haugen (Poor Man's Whiskey), Chris Rossbach (Zigaboo Modeliste, Bobby Vega), Matt Silva (John Cippolina), Ian Lamson (Elvin Bishop), drummers T Moran (Starship, Coldblood) and Dale Fanning (Materialized), and vocalist April Grisman. The music is song based, in the Rondo form, and relies on the vocal blend of Freeman and Chappell, yet shows off the musicianship of the talented players. Mixed by Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Bill Laswell) the album was recorded first onto analog tape and employs vintage instrumentation true to its rootsy yet eclectic orientation.

01. Down The Road
02. Drift
03. Viola Lee Blues
04. Trustin' You
05. Russian Roulette
06. Bring Your Self To Me
07. Dead River Blues
08. Artifice Cake
09. One True Baby
10. Soul Ride

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William Souffreau & The Moonlovers - William Souffreau & The Moonlovers

William Souffreau & The Moonlovers  - William Souffreau & The Moonlovers  - 2008

William Souffreau is one of Belgium's great rock pioneers. He has been playing music for more than five decades now. 

William was born on the 14th of April 1946, in Erembodegem, under a Belgian moon. He jumped into the music scene in the early sixties with the rock 'n' roll band The Blue Jets. At that time William wrote his first song, 'Feel so Lonely', which was later recorded on the album ‘Shake It’ (2002) by Blink It. Around 1963 William played with The Mings. His first recordings date from 1966, with The Four Rockets. Near the end of the 60s The Four Rockets became the more psychedelic rockband Dementia Praecox.

In 1970 William was elected number one rock singer of Belgium. Earlier that year he had founded the band The Voodoo, which soon became Irish Coffee. This rock band was a large success in many countries. Irish Coffee recorded one album and four singles (including the hit single 'Masterpiece'), all collector's items now. The band played many concerts and did numerous TV and radio shows. Irish Coffee was a support act for Uriah Heep, Chicken Shack and Golden Earring, among others. In 1974 the Irish Coffee story came to an end.

Two years later William established Joystick, with a funky horn section and great musicians such as Tony Boast. They were support act for Motörhead among others. They never made an album, but a few of the Joystick songs were recorded on the Irish Coffee reunion album (2004).  

01. Stick To Your Music
02. Where Have You Been Last Night
03. Everybody Says
04. Doesn't Bother Me
05. Almost
06. I Want Your Love Right Here
07. Under A Moonlit Sky
08. For You
09. Summerplace
10. You Have Made Me Feel So Happy Again
11. Keep Your Head Cool
12. Dancing On His Tomb
13. Music Maker
14. Like Kerouac

William Souffreau - Vocals, Guitars
Jan Blieck - Lead Guitar
Dieter De Mits - Bass
Gino Campenaerts - Drums
+ Guest 
Kloot Per W - Guitar
Jan Oelbrandt - Dobro, Pedal Steel
Bas Bulteel - Piano