quarta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2016

David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels - Night in Amnesia

David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels - Night in Amnesia - 1995

Between slide guru David Tronzo and ex-Tin Machine-ist Reeves Gabrels, a strange, juicy chemistry takes place here on Night In Amnesia. Experimentalists who also know how to party, they flit between instruments and genres, now with a tilting boogie, then veering toward abstraction.

All the music on this albums was composed spontaneously as it was being recorded. This was the first meeting between Reeves and Tronzo.

01. Bubba.
02. Ballad of a man long gone.
03. A night in Tunisia.
04. Amnesia.
05. Fitting end.
06. Dixie Cup.
07. Something is dead in the cellar.
08. Not gonna happen.
09. Two memories of the same event.
10. 3 cowboys.

Reeves Gabrels - Acoustic & Electric Guitar
David Tronzo - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Dobro
Bella, Ernie Ball - Strings
Matthew Gruenberg - Fretless Bass
Mike Levesque - Drums
Billy Conway, Jay Bellerose - Percussion


quinta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2016

Ron Flynt And The Bluehearts - L.A. Story

Ron Flynt And The Bluehearts - L.A. Story - 2004

from AMG
Ron Flynt's second solo album is a concept work of sorts based around the story of his former band, 20/20, though the concept wouldn't be too obvious if you weren't alerted beforehand (or weren't familiar with 20/20). In fact, with his respectably tuneful, mature power pop style, Flynt here sounds more like a minor Elvis Costello than a Pete Townshend wrestling with his band's history à la Quadrophenia. Whether or not you pay attention to the nominal framework, the songs explore territory common to many such power pop bands with roots in both '60s rock and new wave: falling for and getting out of the clutches of seductive, dangerous women; chasing dreams; the superficiality of showbiz glitz; traveling a road to nowhere; and the redemptive power of love. However, there's a touch of resignation here, and acknowledgement that things don't always turn out as planned, that isn't found in the more ebullient work of younger power pop bands -- like, say, 20/20 at the outset of their career. Musically, there's nothing here that hasn't been done before by the likes of 20/20 and other such groups. But it's an accomplished statement in that style, and die-hard fans may appreciate the slight lyrical spin on the form.

01. Intro
02. Waiting
03. Hollywood Life
04. 3rd Street Girl
05. The Sun's Gonna Shine
06. Southern Belle
07. Mary's World
08. Hurting You
09. 1000 Different Places
10. I Suppose
11. Misery At The End
12. Looking Down
13. Heaven
14. Home In A While


sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016

VA - Who Are You – An All Star Tribute to the Who

VA - Who Are You – An All Star Tribute to the Who - 2012

from AM|G

Who Are You: An All-Star Tribute to the Who collects mostly faithful covers by a wide range of rockers, spanning various highlights of the Who's legacy, hitting on classics from their early mod days as well as later arena rock staples. The monolithic nature of the Who's catalog makes the task of delivering an acceptable cover a little tricky. If you're going to do it by the numbers (no reference intended), it's gotta be stellar or it will pale in comparison to the original. Joe Lynn Turner and Leslie West's screaming rendition of "The Seeker" staggers around with all the verve and bile of the original, while even a slightly less energetic reading of "Baba O'Riley" by Jerry Goldman with Nektar falls flat, coming off deflated and milquetoast. Iggy Pop's clumsy version of "I Can't Explain" flops similarly, sounding just a touch too phoned-in for its own good. An explosive version of "My Generation" by the Kinks' Dave Davies with members of the Vibrators and the Damned makes up for the missteps of the rest of the comp, with blown-out guitar tones and crashing drums sounding almost as youthfully tense and electric as the original. The Raveonettes also offer a highlight with a dreamy reverb-pop rendition of "The Kids Are Alright." Though a spotty affair, the strengths of Who Are You redeem the more hackneyed moments. 

01. Eminence Front
02. Baba O'Riley
03. I Can See For Miles
04. Love Reign O'er Me
05. My Generation
06. The Kids Are Alright
07. Won't Get Fooled Again08. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
09. I Can't Explain
10. Behind Blue Eyes
11. Magic Bus
12. Who Are You
13. Pinball Wizard
14. Squeeze Box
15. Bargain
16. The Seeker