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Tommy Malone - Natural Born Days

Tommy Malone - Natural Born Days (2013)

from Offbeat
It’s a crime that Tommy Malone isn’t better known around the world. He is a triple threat—beautiful singer, fine songwriter, and killer guitarist. Most of those talents are showcased on his new disc Natural Born Days. Malone has a fantastic voice. It is soulful and gritty at points, and simply pretty at others. It is an instrument that easily conveys both the rueful and redemptive tone of the songs here. Even though he’s not singing the capital “B” Blues here, he’s singing the blues with shadings and nuance in his vocal lines. The songs here cover a wide range but are never get so far from Malone that they sound awkward. Malone wrote most of the songs here with people he has known or worked with for several decades such as his band mates in the subdudes Johnny Allen and Tim Cook and old friend and drummer Jim Scheurich, so these songs possess a vulnerability that can result from such comfort. Songs such as “Home” and “Distance” have a depth and sensitivity that most songwriters can’t fathom. But it’s not just a ballad-heavy set of songs. There’s a Creedence-like rocker in “Mississippi Bootlegger” and a honky-tonk beat to “Important to Me.” There could have been more of Malone’s excellent guitar work on this disc, but that might have taken away from the emphasis on the songs and vocals. However it pops up with his slide work on “Life Goes On” and a beautiful lead on “God Knows.” Natural Born Days sounds like the Tommy Malone that his fans love and his soon-to-be fans will be happy to get to know. 

01. Home    
02. Hope Diner    
03. God Knows    
04. Wake Up Time    
05. Distance    
06. Mississippi Bootleggers    
07. Didn't Want To Hear It    
08. Natural Born Days    
09. No Reason    
10. Important To Me    
11. Life Goes On    
12. Word On the Street


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Steve Hunter - Before The Lights Go Out

Steve Hunter - Before The Lights Go Out - 2017

"Before The Lights Go Out" is long time Alice Cooper/Lou Reed Guitarist Steve Hunter's latest solo album. The cover art and title make a statement about his failing eyesight, but don't make the mistake of thinking this is a quiet wave goodbye. As soon as you put on the first track, you will know that this is more like a Blues Rock Declaration of Independence! There are sexy grooves, luscious guitar tones and melodies galore.

As with all Hunter's releases, there is some diversity and sound imagery, not least of which is Tienes Mi Corazón where alongside his nylon string improvisation comes the sound of his own heart. And listen out for Joe Satriani adding his fire to the heat of "Mojo Man."

Also joining Steve on a couple of tracks are two great Bass players: Erik Scott can be heard on "Mojo Man," Erik is also an Alice Cooper alumni. On "Under The Bodhi Tree" is Andy Stoller. Steve and Andy toured together with Tracy Chapman during the "Telling Stories" album period, most recently Andy has been touring with Ann Wilson of Heart.

Steve Hunter is his own man; he has been around the block with a forty-five year career.

From his 1973 solos on Alice Cooper's "Billion Dollar Babies" album, his legendary acoustic work on Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill," his "Intro" to Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane" and his searing opening solos on Aerosmith's version of "Train Kept A Rolling" Most recently he can be heard on Alice Cooper's 2017 album "Paranormal" making this his ninth Cooper album appearance. The Deacon is not done yet but his life is evolving! He has challenges playing live now but his honed skill, tone, power and soul, is dished up on this hot plate of guitar driven instrumental tastiness.

01. On The Edge Of Uncertainty
02. Mojo Man
03. Summer's Eve
04. Cinderblock
05. Softtail Deuce
06. Tienes Mi Corazón (You Have My Heart)
07. Ice Storm
08. Under The Bodhi Tree
09. The Other Side Of The Coin
10. Happy Trails (vocal Karen Hunter)


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Too Smooth - Still (Repost)

Too Smooth - Still  - 2011

Formed in 1973, Too Smooth featured stunning songs and twin guitar runs; intricate time changes and fall-off-the-cliff dynamics; riverine vocal melodies, close gospel harmonies and bubbling musical improvisations. These were elements of what was coming to be called progressive rock and associated with acts ranging from Yes to Wishbone Ash - yet Too Smooth also offered a decided tip of the hat to the proud tradition of Lone Star boogie, blues, and hard rock. Too Smooth should have become one of the most successful rock acts in the world; as it turned out, they had to settle for simply being one of the best.

CD 1
01. Crippled Duck
02. You Say When
03. Friends
04. Smile
05. Leavin' It Up to You
06. Try a Little Magic
07. Let Me Be
08. You & I
09. Windmill
10. I Love the Way
11. Song For the World
12. Soon Our Time Will Come - Mamie Mama (medley)


CD 2
01. It Must Be Love
02. Here to Stay
03. I Love You
04. Man Knows Nothing
05. Texas Hospitality
06. Lonesome Road Back Home
07. You Take Me to Paradise
08. Just Be Yoursself
09. Believe In Me
10. Don't Stop Lovin' Me
11. Where Has All the Magic Gone?
12. Nobody Knows Me Like I Do